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Biohotspot is a biodiversity project management and data acquisition platform. It enables users to setup a project online and deploy it for data collection via the smartphone app in the field. Participants can contribute data including geo-tagged photos, key information on species and more. This app has been created to maximise efficiency of data collection in the field and can be used in a variety of contexts. To find out more please contact us here.


bird market monitoring in Indonesia through smart phone technology

Planet Indonesia (United States)

This solution seeks to create a phone application that can easily and inconspicuously be used to collect data in bird markets. Users can open images to identify species and input price, volume, and place of origin data, while they appear to be simply sending a text message. This project was a finalist in the Global US Government Wildlife Crime Tech Challenge (

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Pilbara Weed Management and monitoring

Oceanwise is responsible for all aspects of technology and development for surveying and monitoring of invasive weeds throughout the Pilbara Region. This project is funded under the Australian Federal Government and uses smart phone technology for weed management and monitoring across various land tenures including cattle stations, conservation estates and resource projects.

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The use of technology and applications enables data collection for project managers and encourages citizen scientists to contribute and capture data on a global scale. Contact us with any questions or enquiries for your next project.