Education and Ecotourism

Photo: Dr. Helen Penrose

Photo: Dr. Helen Penrose



We have extensive experience in creating and delivering innovative educational content to a range of audiences and topics. We have delivered technical conference papers to experts at international conferences. We have tertiary level training and experience in lectures, lesson planning and training courses. We have provided thousands of tourists with informative education on the marine environment. Delivered unique material and background research for documentaries and other media. We have produced numerous field guides for communicating indigenous knowledge and language of marine and coastal biodiversity. Our background technical knowledge, enthusiasm for learning and advanced skills in communication enables us to deliver effective written, print and visual media communications that appeal to a range of audiences.


Our unique background in both the management and implementation of ecotourism places us uniquely to provide technical advice and input to growing sustainable ecotourism industries. We have been involved in the implementation of ecotourism programs incorporating:

  • Licencing conditions and fees

  • Management plans

  • Interaction guidelines and code of conduct

  • Enforcement, impacts

  • Reporting systems

  • Public safety and liability

  • Citizen science programs

  • Annual reporting operator and industry wide

  • Sustainability auditing, planning and implementation

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We have grown ecotourism products from the ground up having developed experiences integrating biological research with ecotourism, education and interpretation through:

  • Visitor satisfaction surveys studies

  • Industry marketing strategies

  • Biological research

  • Operator insurance

  • Ecotourism accreditation systems

  • Safety inductions etc

  • Education and interpretation

  • Maritime safety plans, procedures, emergency evacuation