Underwater Stereo Video


Underwater stereo video is a remote sensing technique that has been designed to replace traditional sampling techniques, including bottom trawling and long-line fishing. This method reduces field time, field expenses and evaluates stocks in a non-destructive manner. The system has two calibrated cameras with a baited arm to attract subjects such as fish, sharks and rays. These cameras can be mounted on a frame or diver-operated. Multiple frames or videos are captured and creates a non-selective method of assessing the biodiversity in the area.

Uploading of video data to an editing suite and processing through specially designed software allows for evaluation of abundance, distribution, diversity, length, frequency and biomass. This can then be used in a number of different marine applications:

  • Fisheries – abundance, size, frequency, biomass

  • General biodiversity, biogeography, ecology and demography surveys

  • Aquaculture stock assessment

  • Marine park planning and management

  • Spatial and temporal effects of sanctuaries

  • Environmental impact assessments

  • Demersal reef fish, shark and ray surveys

For more information and enquiries about our underwater video capabilities, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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